Exeon can design, supply, and install gas cleaning systems to ensure discharge of potentially harmful gasses can be adequately controlled and ensure that discharge levels meet necessary requirements. There are many gases that are regarded by the HSE as potentially harmful to the environment, and thus should be scrubbed before discharging out of the factory. These often need to be closely monitored to ensure there is no breakthrough in the filtration systems.


Such applications include:

  • Chemical cleaning companies
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories


Exeon can design suitable gas cleaning systems depending on the discharge rate, temperature and concentration. Different emission controlling techniques may apply to differing streams and we will provide consultative advice to ensure the system being installed is of optimum performance, considering CAPEX and OPEX costs.


What are gas cleaning systems?


Cleaning air or compressed gases in cleanroom installations requires the removal of particulate and/or gaseous contaminants. It does this by using similar processes to those used in industrial applications for dust and smoke removal. The removal of particles from gases in industrial applications may involve a variety of methods, such as centrifugal cleaning, wet scrubbing, electrostatic precipitation, or filtration as is the case for fossil fuel power plant emission control.

dust extraction

Why are gas cleaning systems so important in an industrial environment?


Gas cleaning is of prime importance in many process industries to control the particulate matter emission, maintain the work atmosphere and recover the valuables particles. Cleaning removes the contaminants and other undesired compounds from the product gas. It includes the separations of particles, the removal of tar and the further removal of other trace contaminants depending on the final use for the gas. The process helps to maintain a healthy working environment, ensures that the local environment isn’t adversely impacted by industrial processes and that the plant remains compliant with environmental regulations and requirements.


How do gas cleaning systems help with odour and emission control?


Legislation to protect our environment increasingly requires a gas-phase emission control system to reduce harmful gas emissions or control nuisance odours. Gas cleaning systems are a key part of this, helping to reduce the level of air pollution. Odour & Emission control systems reduce the level of air pollution via multiple types of filtration systems, specifically designed to suit the requirements of different applications and settings.




What kind of industries require gas cleaning systems?


Gas cleaning systems are used across a wide range of different industries such as chemical processing plants, anaerobic digestion facilities, food processing companies and sewage processing sites.


Gas cleaning systems from Exeon


Exeon has developed a range of industrial odour and emission control systems including deep bed carbon filter systemswet scrubbersactivated carbon air treatment and stacks. If you have any questions regarding gas cleaning systems and their application our experienced team will be happy to help. Contact us today to find out more about what we do and how we work together.