Industrial Ventilation & Heating

Exeon provides a range of industrial ventilation solutions for factories, typically to solve a background build-up of heat or fumes.

Industrial ventilation and heating are systems designed to handle air quality and temperature in industrial settings. Ventilation, refers to an exchange between indoor and outdoor air to remove contaminants, control humidity, and supply controlled levels of fresh air necessary for ensuring the comfort of the occupants. Heating systems then maintain indoor temperatures to human-friendly levels.

For odours & emissions, please look at our odours & emissions page.

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The importance of Heat Reduction in a factory

There are multiple issues which associate with high heat gain in factories. These include:

  • Poor worker output
  • Limited staff retention / agency staff walkouts
  • Machinery failure & poor longevity
  • Building damage

Air Changes/hour – an Explanation

An air change/hour within a building is simply the internal volume of a building replaced within an hour, which is the usual metric.

Different buildings require different levels of air changes, which Exeon can advise on.

Heat/Fume Reduction through High level Extraction

The most efficient method to reduce heat is to extract it at high level in a building.

Heat will build up from high level downwards. This can be noticeable particularly in mezzanine floors where this impact is most extreme.

It is therefore important to firstly extract the heat through Roof Extraction fans or Wall Extraction fans. This is the initial most cost-effective heat reduction methodology. The majority of background fumes (LEV should be first consideration but not all applications can achieve this) also will rise and in the same method can be extracted.

Distribution and power of High level Extraction fans will have to be considered in each application. Usually air changes/hour are used to an application to assess the heat & fume extraction / reduction requirement.

Supply air Ambient Cooling relief

When extract air is removed from the building, unless the building is particularly well sealed (which will reduce extract flow), make-up air will find a path back into the building. It’s important to achieve ‘cross-flow’ to ensure that air changes are spread throughout the building and no areas become ‘dead spots’.

Air will take the easiest path and will typically come in through doors & openings. If the heat buildup is relatively low, and if inlet filtration is not an issue, then this can be sufficient.

However in areas of high heat build-up, particularly high levels of radiant heat, the location of supply air provision is more critical.

The temperature of UK Ambient supply air, even in summer conditions, tends to still be significantly lower than the internals of the building. By providing well-positioned supply air you can achieve the effects of Ambient cooling which is a very low-cost method to reduce factory temperatures.

Inlet filtration can also be essential to prevent contamination issues of negative building flow and we can advise on this. See below ventilation system with filtration.

If additional cooling is needed, this can also be installed on supply air systems to further reduce the temperature of the factory. Again, this is assessed by application.

Exeon’s support in Ventilation system installation

Exeon will provide a complete package including:

  • Design solutions for ventilation requirement
  • All building works including cutting openings, installing trimming steelwork, making good, and upstand installation
  • Our package extends to installation of roof Gantries to provide installation access to the ventilation fans, both for installation and ongoing maintenance. This can be lower cost than scaffolding.
  • Installation filtration systems
  • Install additional cooling systems & provide intelligent control systems

Exeon can provide a comprehensive ventilation solution for your factory and industrial plant whatever its size, industry and particular requirements. Good roof ventilation plays a key part in your overall ventilation ecosystem, and at Exeon we work to create the ideal solution for your building and processes.

Factory Ventilation and Heating

Exeon can design and install factory ventilation and heating systems. Our expert advice, innovative design and practical solutions ensure you can benefit from an industrial ventilation system that provides clean, fresh air to the workplace and improves internal air quality. Roof ventilation can also be provided if required.

Positive Pressure Systems

A common requirement for forced air ventilation is to supply makeup air to offset negative pressures resulting from LEV systems. Many hygiene-critical manufacturing environments require positive pressure to avoid dirty air entrainment.

Heat Extraction Systems

Well-designed heat extraction fans can avoid the capital and running costs of industrial cooling systems, where heat sources are identified and extracted to avoid the heat spreading to the general environment.

We can design, supply and install new and replacement:

Roof Ventilation

What industries require roof ventilation systems?

Roof ventilation systems are fitted across wide swathes of industry, from small food processing plants to huge engineering operations. They play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of the building and making sure that the environment within the building is safe and healthy to use. Any sector where heat is generated during the production process is particularly vulnerable to moisture and condensation building up in the roof space, so will require a more robust solution. For some businesses, it may be a simple roof ventilation option that increases the flow of fresh air into the building without compromising heating and efficiency. 

Another key consideration is heat extraction. Any manufacturing or industrial process that generates heat will require suitable ventilation. If heat has nowhere to escape, working conditions can soon become intolerable, resulting in a drop in productivity or in some cases a complete cessation in production. To ensure this doesn’t happen, effective heat extraction needs to be installed. Roof ventilation systems can incorporate efficient heat extraction to maintain a comfortable working temperature throughout. 

Roof ventilation systems from Exeon

Exeon can provide a comprehensive ventilation system for your factory and industrial plant whatever its size, industry and particular requirements. We provide both filtered replacement air systems and heat extraction systems that can efficiently increase ventilation, reduce condensation and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. Good roof ventilation plays a key part in your overall ventilation ecosystem, and at Exeon we work to create the ideal solution for your building and processes.