Factory Ventilation Systems

Factory & Industrial Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Exeon can design and install factory heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our expert advice, innovative design and practical solutions ensure you can benefit from an industrial ventilation system that provides clean, fresh air to the workplace and improves internal air quality.

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Positive Pressure Systems

A common requirement for forced air ventilation is to supply makeup air to offset negative pressures resulting from LEV systems. Many hygiene-critical manufacturing environments require positive pressure to avoid dirty air entrainment.

Heat Extraction Systems

Well-designed heat extraction fans can avoid the capital and running costs of industrial cooling systems, where heat sources are identified and extracted to avoid the heat spreading to the general environment.

industrial HVAC

We can design, supply and install new and replacement:

  • Industrial AHUs (Industrial Air Handling Units)
  • Complete Industrial Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (Industrial HVAC)
  • Factory exhaust fans and filters
  • Specialist filtered systems for control of particulate
  • Odour and emission control systems
  • Negative pressure containment areas with SafeChange HEPA filtration (Including Medical Ventilation)
  • Heat extraction fans and heat extraction systems
  • Industrial cooling systems
  • Industrial dehumidification systems