Manufacturing processes can generate intense heat which if left to build up can quickly become uncomfortable. In some cases the heat and humidity levels can rapidly become a threat to human health, rendering a working environment unsuitable for use. Heat extraction systems are a means to address this, and in many industrial contexts they are essential.


How do heat extraction systems work?


Heat extraction fans are used in particular locations throughout a factory, manufacturing plant or other industrial setting to remove heat that could build up and spread throughout the wider area.


What kind of businesses might use heat extraction fans?


Heat extractor fans and heat extraction systems are a vital component of a wide range of different businesses.  Different industrial processes require heat extraction, such as metalworking or food processing. Usually, area and spot specific heat management will be needed as well as large, factory/plant wide ventilation systems. Any type of manufacturing process where heat is generated may need an industrial heat extractor.

What are the advantages of heat extraction systems?


Heat extraction fans and other forms of industrial heat extractor bring a range of advantages to many different industries and manufacturing settings. Heat extraction systems ensure that the working environment is comfortable. The people who work within it are able to move around freely and carry out tasks without fear of encountering areas of intense heat.


Heat extraction systems help you meet industry specific health and safety requirements.  Poor heat management and ventilation can cause numerous health problems, and heat extraction fans help to reduce the overall impact of intense heat. An effective heat extraction system that takes care of areas of intense heat can help to reduce energy consumption overall.

If heat were to spread throughout the factory, manufacturing plant or other industrial setting, then greater ventilation would be needed to keep the overall heat levels at an acceptable level. By using well-designed heat extraction fans you can avoid the capital and running costs of industrial cooling systems, where heat sources are identified and extracted to avoid the heat spreading to the general environment.


Heat extraction systems from Exeon


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