Industrial Extraction Systems

Business owners recognise more than ever the importance of clean air, not only for avoiding environmental claims and workplace health and safety issues, but also for improving hygiene and working conditions, improving product quality and increasing equipment life.

It’s part of the EXEON mission to supply workplaces with clean air through the design, installation and servicing of fixed and mobile industrial extraction systems.

We offer both stand-alone extraction units and fully designed, turnkey systems. Our expert advice, innovative design and practical solutions ensure you can find an industrial extraction system that protects your workforce and local environment, and improves your process quality.

The use of Respiratory Protection Equipment such as face masks has long been a vital part of protecting workers from airborne dust but the HSE does not accept this as a solution suitable for continuous use but rather a “last resort” and they say “consider other control measures before deciding upon RPE”. In the current Covid-19 crisis, RPE has become much harder to obtain and therefore LEV should be used to control dust and fume emissions at source.

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