Industrial Fume Extraction Systems

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Fumes are a mixture of tiny airborne particles and gases from a process, which can be an irritant or potentially dangerous if inhaled. An effective fume extractor can carry away airborne contaminants before they can be breathed in.

Part of the EXEON mission is to supply workplaces with clean air through the design, installation and servicing of industrial fume extraction systems and mobile fume extractors.

Fume Extraction Systems

Exeon will offer you a fully designed and installed industrial fume extractor to meet your individual needs. Our expert advice, innovative design and practical solutions ensure we deliver integrated systems that protect your workforce and local environment and improve your process quality. Learn more from case studies below.

Mobile Fume Extractors

Exeon provide a wide range of Mobile Fume Extractors for applications demanding a portable extraction solution. These range from HEPA or carbon filtered portable fume extractors for applications with fine or dangerous particulate, to larger skid-mounted mobile fume extractors which can easily be moved by crane or fork-lift.

In addition to our bespoke designed fume control systems, we offer several cost-effective products that can be bought online now;

For specialist fume extractors, we can fabricate using stainless steel, PVC, polypropylene or painted steel for aggressive materials or conditions. We can supply zoned fans and anti-static materials for ATEX applications where potentially flammable or explosive atmospheres exist.

Our systems and standalone units will easily cater for the following processes:

Chemical fume extraction
Spray Painting extraction
Laser cutting/welding
Plasma cutting
Mig/Tig Welding extraction

Please follow this link to our blog for welders: WARNING:  NEW CANCER ALERT FOR WELDERS


About exhaust fume extractors


Fumes are not just an inconvenience when it comes to industrial processes, they can also be potentially dangerous. They’re a mixture of airborne particles and gases that arise out of a particular industrial process and have the potential to be an irritant, and threatening to health if inhaled. How do you remove the danger presented by fumes and maintain a safe working environment? Exhaust fume extractors are an essential part of many industrial processes, ensuring that workplaces remain safe and comfortable to use.


What is a fume extraction system and how do they work?


Fume extraction systems, sometimes known as exhaust ventilation systems, use the negative draft from a fan to draw dust particles into a contained filtration system. The process removes the most hazardous and potentially harmful particles from the air. Most extractions units will have a range of filters depending on the specific requirements of the industry. These are capable of separating fumes and dust from normal air particles. They can also be used in welding practices to capture sparks, filtering them away from any dust via spark arresters and gravity filters.

Units can be mobile or stationary depending on the particular requirements of the industry concerned. In lots of instances, they require little in the way of configuration, merely requiring to be plugged in and used. Once the unit is installed and switched on, the suction head of the extraction arm is placed within a metre of the fumes and dust source. This will then suck up the fumes through the filtration process, separating the fumes and dust before releasing clean air back into the environment. The dust will be collected and should be emptied at regular intervals to ensure the unit keeps working effectively.


What industries might use an exhaust fume extraction system?


There are a range of activities in the production processes of different industries that generate a high amount of fumes and particulate matter. Without proper treatment these can present health risks to your workforce. Some of the applications that generate fumes and particulate matter include welding, painting, plastering, sanding, grinding, plastic bonding, working with epoxies and 3D printing. Welding, in particular, can create difficulties. Welding rods create high amounts of manganese to strengthen the welds. Manganese toxins can enter the bloodstream fast causing damage to the kidneys and the entire nervous system. They can also cause respiratory problems. There are also a range of other toxic fumes that are generated while welding different metals. Our workshop fume extraction systems are perfect for businesses that create dust and fumes at their workstops.


What types of exhaust fume extractor are available?


There are a variety of different fume extraction options available. The fume extraction arm provides a flexible extraction solution in settings where an installed system isn’t appropriate. We offer a range of industrial fume extraction systems to a range of sectors. Potentially explosive fumes require a specific kind of fume extraction system and fume extraction downdraft tables are designed for applications where the operation is carried out directly on the fume extraction bench.

Exeon is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fume extraction equipment and ventilation systems. Call 01462 410010 or contact us online to find out more about what we do.