Industrial Fume Extraction Systems

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Fumes are a mixture of tiny airborne particles and gases from a process, which can be an irritant or potentially dangerous if inhaled. Effective fume extractors can carry away airborne contaminants before they can be breathed in.

Part of the EXEON mission is to supply workplaces with clean air through the design, installation and servicing of fixed and mobile industrial fume extraction systems. Our expert advice, innovative design and practical solutions ensure you can benefit from fume extraction systems that protect your workforce and local environment, and improve your process quality.

We can provide:

For specialist fume extraction systems, we can fabricate using stainless steel, PVC, polypropylene or painted steel for aggressive materials or conditions. We can supply zoned fans and anti-static materials for ATEX applications where potentially flammable or explosive atmospheres exist.

Typical processes you might use a fume extractor for;

Chemical fume extraction
Spray Painting extraction
Laser cutting/welding
Plasma cutting
Mig/Tig Welding extraction

Please follow this link to our blog for welders: WARNING:  NEW CANCER ALERT FOR WELDERS

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Some Of Our Recent Industrial Extraction Systems And Extraction Units