Mobile Fume Extractors

Exeon provide a wide range of Mobile Fume Extractors for applications demanding a portable extraction solution.

The Rover® family of portable fume extractor units are designed for capturing and filtering airborne pollutants. Often fitted with Nellie extraction arms, they can be used on many industries including Metalworking, Aggregates, Food, Woodworking and many other. Please see the Rover page for more information and Videos.

EXEON also design and manufacture specialist portable fume extractors, from HEPA or Carbon filtered portable Fume extractors for applications with fine or Dangerous particulate, to larger skid-mounted mobile Fume extractors which can easily be moved by crane or fork-lift.

These can be fitted with Extraction arms if applicable, or ducted in to flexible or semi-permanent systems.

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Mobile Fume Extraction Case Studies