Activated Carbon Adsorption Dry Scrubbers

Activated carbon adsorption systems, otherwise known as dry scrubbers, use media banks to control odour emissions and other harmful emissions released from industrial processes. It is highly effective for treating gas phase contaminants, when used correctly.

Odour limits are often required to be <2,500 ouE/m3 (odour units) at discharge and this usually necessitates active carbon treatment, at least as a final polishing stage.

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Nodour: hi-floNodour: tank-flo
DescriptionContainerised deep-bed
odour adsorption system.
Cylindrical deep-bed ‘dry scrubber’.
Activated carbon bed
Single or twin vertical deep bed of activated carbon.
Horizontal deep bed of
activated carbon.
SuitabilityHigh Airflows, low-medium concentration applications.
Low to Medium Airflows, high concentration applications.
Typical Applications
  • Ventilation for factories with high levels of odour.
  • Waste Transfer Facilities and RDF plants.
  • Anaerobic Digestion Plant Reception Halls.
  • Anaerobic digestion facilities.
  • Food production odours including abbatoirs.
  • Chemical emissions.
  • Sewage & Waste odours
  • VOCs.

Airflow levels5,000m3/hr –100,000m3/hr+. Up to 80,000m3/hr per module, and multiple modules can be provided – so there is no upper limit on airflow.
500m3/hr – 5,000m3/hr, can be for forced or passive ventilation streams. Modular and can be installed in parallel for increased airflow on high concentration applications.
Specialised activated carbon for longevity and efficient odour/emission control?YESYES

Nodour: hi-flo

  • Easy maintenance access.
  • Simple, safe and clean procedure for filling.
  • Prefiltration can often be incorporated into the hi-flo vessel itself, minimising
  • Modular construction, can be added to with ease.
  • Relatively low life cycle cost compared to other technologies.
  • Heavy duty construction, construction material & protection designed to suit the application.
  • Easy to transport and handle.

Nodour: tank-flo

  • Easy maintenance access.
  • Simple, safe and clean procedure for filling Activated carbon, designed to suit the size of vessel.
  • Very efficient – removes virtually all odours, and flexible for a wide range of applications.
  • PVC Construction, therefore highly corrosion-resistant and good UV resistance.
  • No water supply required.
  • Simple and relatively lightweight construction.
  • Easy to transport and handle.

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