‘Mid-flo’ Odour and Pollution control units

Exeon’s Range of ‘Mid-flo’ Odour and Pollution control units are a Cylindrical deep-bed ‘dry scrubber’. Exeon can design, supply and install these for a wide range of applications.The Mid-flo range use a horizontal deep bed of activated carbon, of a type suitably selected for the application, to provide control of non-compliant discharges, with correct prefiltration as required to maximise carbon life.These systems are suitable for low-medium airflows for a wide range of high concentration applications requiring long contact time, including:

  • Anaerobic Digestion Facilities
  • Food production odours including abbatoirs
  • Chemical emissions
  • Sewage & Waste Odours
  • VOCs

Typically these can be used on existing or proposed process discharges requiring Odour & emission control.Airflow levels: 500m3/hr – 5,000m3/hr, can be for forced or passive ventilation streams. Modular and can be installed in parallel for increased airflow on high concentration applications.The Activated carbon is carefully selected to ensure optimum life and Odour / emission control.Exeon can also design, supply and install prefiltration units to maximise the life of the carbon by removing any particulate and/or ensuring the extract air reaches the carbon in optimal condition (correct humidity / temperature).

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Advantages of using the ‘Mid-flo’

  1. Very efficient – removes virtually all odours, and flexible for a wide range of applications
  2. Simple and relatively lightweight construction
  3. PVC Construction, therefore highly corrosion-resistant and good UV resistance
  4. Easy maintenance access
  5. Carefully designed prefiltration using a range of technologies including cool/reheat, dust filtration and even coarse scrubbers, to maximise activated carbon life
  6. Simple, safe and clean procedure for filling Activated carbon, designed to suit the size of vessel
  7. No water supply required