Mobile Fume Extraction Arm

fume extractor arm

Exeon’s Nellie™ range of mobile fume extraction arm provides an exceptionally flexible extraction solution where enclosure of a process is not an option. They are specially designed for working environments with fumes, vapors and mists.

All Nellie™ arms, unlike others such as a Nederman arm fume extractor, have no internal mechanisms. This provides:

  • Increased airflow
  • Reduced internal product contamination
  • Reduced noise

Nellie™ arms come in 5 diameters and 6 lengths up to 4m plus an optional extension boom. They are available in ATEX versions and stainless steel.

See our Nelliefume extraction arm page for more information and videos showing these arms in use.

Portable Fume Extraction Arm Applications

  • Very commonly used as a Welding Extraction Arm
  • Can be used as an operator protection in many different industries, and compatible to LEV regulations when applied correctly.
  • A Nellie™ fume extract arm is suitable for fume extraction with external mechanisms, limiting corrosion of internal parts
  • Very flexible, and can be provided with boom reach where a wide coverage space is required; conversely, telescopic arms can be provided where space is at a premium.
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Fume Extraction Arm Case Studies