Should you have odour control?

The UK Government Environment Agency’s website insists that companies that carry out the following actions must have an odour management plan that explains how you will prevent or minimise odour:

  • andfilling of biodegradable waste
  • household, commercial and industrial waste transfer station activities
  • materials recycling and handle odorous inputs or reject streams (or both)
  • composting in open windrows
  • composting in vessels
  • mechanical biological treatment
  • sewage sludge treatment
  • clinical waste treatment
  • animal carcass incineration
  • mobile plant activities for landspreading, treatment of land for land reclamation, restoration or improvement and landspreading of sewage sludge
  • anaerobic digestion
  • mobile plant activities for the treatment of waste soils and contaminated material, substances or products manufacture, use or recovery of compounds containing sulphur, ammonia, amines and amides, aromatic compounds, styrene, pyridine and esters
  • intensive farming
  • abattoirs and rendering operations
  • food production involving any form of cooking or heating and brewing
  • refinery activities
  • distilling or heating of tar or bitumen

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