The Cobra™ cyclone is a high-performance separator the ensures effective removal of particulate matter from extracted airflows.

Welded throughout, the Cobra™ is made of 2mm and 3mm steel, with anti-rust paint and a topcoat of epoxy.


  • Support legs with connection at the base of the cone
  • Dustbin collector
  • Connection piece for rotary valve
  • Inspection door
  • Expansion chamber.


  • Stainless steel (AISI 304L or 316L)
  • Galvanized
  • Reinforced
  • Other legs
  • Inspection door
  • Other RAL colors
  • Removable wear plate on inlet

1. Overall Dimensions

Cyclone Dimensions

Legs, Dustbin, Expansion Champer Dimensions

Flanges Dimensions

Technical Datasheet

Cyclone FA with Legs

Cyclone FA with Legs and Heavy Dustbin

Cyclone FA with Legs and Light Dustbin

Cyclone FA with Legs and Light Dustbin

Pressure Loss in FA Cyclones