The new Tiger™ fan series combines the most up-to-date technologies on the market to produce a sleek, powerful and low-noise air mover especially suited to aggressive dust and fume extraction applications.

Some of the tiger™ benefits to the installer and user include:

  • Cloth-type filter element to reduce blinding which can occur with high volume of particulate on cartridge-type filters.
  • Generous area of filter media for the space available thus ensuring a very compact unit for the volume of airflow it is capable of.
  • High capacity dust collection bin, can be fitted with plastic bags if required for ease of dust disposal. Fully sealed.
  • Repositionable hopper inlet for maximum flexibility.
  • High capacity extract fan to allow for situations with additional duct runs or increased external pressures.
  • Shaker motor to provide self-cleaning on filter elements. This will run for approximately 45 seconds after the unit has been switched off (off-line cleaning).
  • ATEX rated to ZONE 22 as standard, fitted with a rear explosion panel, spark-proof fan and anti-static filter media.




The TIGER range includes a wide range of industrial fans including direct drive and belt-drive, centrifugal, polypropylene, ATEX, high-pressure fans and other specialist types. Please contact us for further information.