Workshop Dust Extraction

Workshop dust extractor

No matter what type of workshop, there is a responsibility to reduce employee exposure to airborne contaminants like dust and fumes.

A workshop dust extractor should be installed to remove contaminants from the work areas by filtering or extracting to a safe place outdoors.

The photo presents a typical workshop dust extraction system which is removing contaminants at source from each workstation.

In other situations where process contaminants are produced over more diffuse spaces, extraction may occur through larger wall or ceiling mounted apertures.

It may be possible to use a portable workshop dust extractor which can be located wherever the contaminants are being produced. 

All solutions should work in conjunction with adequate background ventilation, discussed below.

Background Ventilation

Adequate background ventilation should be provided to cover activities which are more minor, or perhaps not necessarily possible to control by LEV, but still contribute to a poor background air quality. Such activities include:

  • Welding / Grinding – a certain amount of smoke is still given off after the weld / grind has been completed
  • Use of glue and other solvents
  • Use and storage of chemicals giving off background odours
  • Intermittent processes which can be overlooked from needing LEV, such as filing /  hand sanding / drilling

To cope with these additional demands, it is recommended that workshops have 10-15 air changes/hour. The airflow required is calculated by taking the volume of a room and multiplying this by the air change rate. For example, a room 3m wide x 5m long x 3m tall would be 45m3; 15 air changes per hour would require 675 m3/hr.

There is not one air change rate that will meet all conditions; air changes per hour is not the appropriate metric for designing contaminant control systems. Contaminants should be controlled at the source with background ventilation providing sufficient good quality air to cope with the other background activities in the workplace.

Our expert advice and innovative design ensure we deliver practical workshop dust extraction systems that protect your workforce and improve your process quality.

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