Exeon have a wide range of solutions for scenarios requiring ATEX Dust Extraction systems.

Zone 22 is the most typical ATEX rating (accidental presence of explosive dust) but also Zone 21 and Zone 20.  The KST value of the dust will determine the ATEX rating of the system. See the HSE website for further government information in relation to ATEX rated systems.

Our Range of Solutions Includes:

ATEX Dust Extraction installations, fully earthed throughout

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ATEX Rated Mobile Dust Extractors, Suitable for Zone 22 Applications

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ATEX Dust Extraction Booths

Our ATEX installations have been carried out over a wide range of industries, anything from the more standard Woodworking dust extraction and Flour dust Extraction systems to Aluminium and Titanium Dust Extraction systems. Please browse our Industries page for our list of case studies, or feel free to contact us for further information!

ATEX Dust Extraction Installation Case Studies