The Rover Resolve™ ATEX RAnge

A complete family of MOBILE ATEX INDUSTRIAL extractors

The Rover Resolve units are designed to be readily available for capturing and filtering potentially explosive dusts. These are often used in the food industry for explosive food dust but also can be used on a wide range of other explosive dusts. Fitted with powerful fans and a large easy-release bin, these systems are very easy to use and maintain. We do also offer options of varying airflows and different self-cleaning arrangements.

What’s great about the Rover Resolve?

  1. The Rover Resolve is ATEX rated to Zone22 (therefore Zone20 internally). The system is fully earthed throughout with antistatic filters, Atex rated fan, and the separate Nellie extraction arm will also need to be anti-static.
  2. The Resolve unit is provided with a very comfortable and easy to remove stainless steel bin. This ensures that the system can be easily emptied with minimal fuss.
  3. The Resolve extractor has two types of filter system. Firstly, is the manual-shake type arrangement which tends to be used in lower dust loading applications, typically less than 2hrs/day. This is a cost saving option. For higher dust usage, we provide an automatic cleaning option which can be set up via the compressed air controller to clean itself as often as necessary using compressed air.
  4. The Resolve has an internal dropout zone allowing the majority of particulate to drop directly into the bin without effecting the filters. This increases the filter life and reduces the cleaning requirements.
  5. The Resolve is often used with a Nellie extraction fitted for point of use extraction; however, it is also frequently used for ducted extraction system and can provide a low-cost solution for an ATEXrated central extraction system requirement.

Resolve EX55

The Rover Resolve EX55 is identical in principle to the EX22, however has double the air flow and therefore can operate two arms simultaneously.

These systems are great for use on areas where a single Extraction arm is insufficient to control the process creating dust. They are also frequently used as ATEX rated ducted extractors.

Auto-clean option for intensive dust usage

Auto Clean: Both the EX22 and the EX55 Rover Resolve units can be upgraded to auto-clean. This system provides continuous compressed air cleaning of the filters. This is ideal for applications with continuous dust loading.

The cleaning cycle is operated by the compressed air control system on the unit, and the cleaning intervals can be adjusted in accord with the dust loading.

Further Stainless-steel upgrades can be offered for foodgrade compliance or other reasons.

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