The Nellie™ fume Extraction Arm

A flexible dust and fume extraction arm

The Nellie™ is our family of flexible dust and fume extraction arms, for all local exhaust ventilation applications including as a welding fume extractor. There is an extensive range of types and sizes available including stainless steel, anti-static and high-temperature all of which are suitable for a wide range of fume and dust capture environments including ATEX versions.

  1. Internal baffle ensures the arm has a high contaminant capture area compared to other arms on the market
  2. Low noise levels due to minimal internal obstructions
  3. Easy to use and smooth movement
  4. Rotating socket with safety stop
  5. Low resistance on the arm meaning low energy costs and low noise

Standard Extraction arm vs Nellie™

These diagrams demonstrate how the Nellie™ will have no build-up of product on internal mechanisms, as there are none!

This has multiple benefits including:

  • Increased air flow
  • Reduced product contamination on joints
  • Reduced noise

Nellie™ Extraction arm options


Exeon provides anti-static extraction arms for processes containing potentially explosive materials such as flour, dust, wood/MDF dust and explosive gasses.

The Extraction arms are fitted with an antistatic kit ensuring they are fully earthed throughout to prevent any static build-up.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel extraction arms are very common in the food industry, to ensure hygienic conditions can be maintained, and in the chemical industry where corrosive elements would eat away at standard metal hoods.

Stainless steel extraction arms can also be fitted with the Anti-static kit.

Extension Boom

Extension booms are used where a wider area of coverage for the Extraction arm is required. These Extension booms can either be fixed, allowing the arm to be permanently suspended up to two metres out from a wall, or swinging, with rotating joints.

The Swinging Extension boom is available in sizes up to a six metre radius, with an option of one or two pivots depending on the flexibility required. These Extension booms increase the scope of applications which the Nellie can be used for.