mob-flo™ Odour and Pollution control units

The mob-flo™ Range use a horizontal deep bed of activated carbon, of a type suitably selected for the application, to provide control of non-compliant discharges, with correct prefiltration as required to maximise carbon life.

These systems are suitable for use for a wide range of processes giving off fumes / odours / emissions, in which the capital costs of a permanent installation are needing to be avoided, but the risk of not extracting, or recirculating dangerous fumes is high. The Extraction arm (or arms – the system can be fitted with two Nellie Extraction arms and increased flow if required) is used for flexible local control of fume discharges.

Applications include, but not limited to:

  • Resins & other polymers
  • Solvents & glues
  • Chemical emissions
  • Oils & gasses
  • Sewage & Waste odours / emissions
  • A range of other applications – please ask
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Advantages of using the mob-flo™

  1. Mobile – can be skid-mounted or mounted on heavy duty casters. Allows usage on non-fixed applications, or a multitude of intermittent applications
  2. Localised articulated Nellie Arm/Arms allows wide range of applications and wide coverage
  3. Simple but very heavy duty construction
  4. Can be Mild Steel Powder coated or Stainless steel construction, depending on application
  5. Centrifugal Extraction fan in base, can be designed 3 with airflows from 500 – 2,200m /hr
  6. Carefully designed prefiltration to maximise Carbon life, can be used to trap dust or other particulate of varying sizes down to sub-micron
  7. Simple, safe & clean procedure to change Carbon media