The OX™ Range of dust extraction equipment

High Quality Industrial Dust Extraction Units

OX is a quality range of reverse-pulse cleaning dust extraction equipment. Read more about our reverse-pulse industrial dust extraction units.

  • Uses compressed air to create a temporary localised reverse-flow of air to clean off the filter elements, enabling continuous on-line operation in the most demanding of conditions.
  • Extremely tough and built to last from 3mm steel sheet bodies finished with 2-coat paint enamel gloss finish and welding rolled steel framework supports where supplied. Stainless construction also available.
  • Low maintenance with high-quality controls and construction and easily accessed filter banks.
  • Versatile – a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Industrial dust extraction units feature:

  • Robust welded steel construction
  • Range of filter media available to suit different applications
  • Certified compressed air header tank
  • Range of fans to suit required air volume and pressure
  • Solid-state PCB control with electronic timer for adjustable valve sequence control
  • Highly efficient pulse jet cleaning system
  • Compact physical size
  • Options include stainless steel construction, weatherproof and ATEX versions
  • Explosion panels (where fitted) compliant to ATEX/EN14797/NFPA68
  • Disposal systems can be bin, rotary valve to hopper or valley hopper/screw.

OX™ Pad

Classic flat-pad filter element unit from polyester needlefelt for demanding applications such as aggregates, metals, grain.

The filter design is superior in removing heavy dust cakes due to the flexibility of the flat sides, yet the design is very compact and allows for a high media area in a small footprint.

Also available in Insertable format for venting applications.

OX™ Pleat

The Jet range uses pleated cartridge filter elements for maximising plant size to air volume ratio.

Suitable for dry freeflowing dusts in low concentrations. Ideal for high volume applications where units are more compact and lower-cost than a bag filter with an equivalent flow rate.

The cartridges can offer excellent lifespans when correctly applied. Singlecartridge venting units are also available.

OX™ Tube

Tubular filter element from polyester needlefelt for high volume low density dusts such as wood and paper.

Standard size range from 100m2 to 360m2 but much larger versions are possible.