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At EXEON, we are dedicated to providing industries with clean air solutions that enhance the well-being of their workforce, optimize production processes, and protect the external environment. Our expertise lies in the design and installation of advanced local exhaust ventilation equipment for:

Our dust extraction systems have been designed to capture and remove dust particles from the air, thus making the workplace a safer and cleaner place to work.

This range of mobile dust extraction units has been designed to ensure maximum flexibility and mobility for relocating the equipment within a facility. They are as effective as our stationary units, though with the added advantage of portability.

This equipment is designed to remove hazardous fumes, smoke, and airborne particles generated during various industrial and commercial processes. These systems are portable, allowing for flexibility and mobility in workplaces where fixed extraction systems are not practical.

Specialised solutions for emissions and odour control aid industries in meeting the environmental standard demand for overall air-quality betterment. In food processing, chemical manufacture, and waste management these systems are very important.

These systems maintain a proper, steady supply of fresh and clean air in industrial installations to maintain proper air quality and comfort for the workers. 

We manufacture state-of-the-art dust extraction systems for the purpose. The systems extract pollutants safely, making sure their effects are not injurious to the workers or the environment.

We design our solutions with clean air and local exhaust ventilation in mind, resulting in the delivery of very cost-effective practical solutions. Our equipment is built to the toughest standards of ruggedness, designed from industrial experiences, such that it reliably performs through tough operating conditions.

Our innovative designs, rugged construction and through-life servicing, deliver low costs and reliability.

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See our recently completed project at the North London Waste Facility!

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At Exeon we have had the honour to work across many industries like chemical, clinical waste handling, food processing, plastics and many more. We were honoured to be chosen as the emissions control partner in the development a very large North London Heat and Power project. This is a new facility which will create low carbon energy from non-recyclable household waste for seven North London boroughs. Read more...