Rhino shaker dust extractors

Highly versatile, cost-effective and efficient at safely removing problematic ATEX dust.

The Rhino can be used on a huge range of LEV dust extractor applications and is suited to all industrial, research, engineering and educational situations. It is rated  to ATEX ZONE 22 as standard.

What's Great About The Rhino?

  1. Cloth-type filter element to reduce blinding which can occur with high volume of particulate on cartridge-type filters.
  2. Generous area of filter media for the space available thus ensuring a very compact unit for the volume of airflow it is capable of.
  3. High capacity dust collection bin, can be fitted with plastic bags if required for ease of dust disposal. Fully sealed.
  4. Repositionable hopper inlet for maximum flexibility.
  5. High capacity extract fan to allow for situations with additional duct runs or increased external pressures.
  6. Shaker motor to provide self-cleaning on filter elements. This will run for approximately 45 seconds after the unit has been switched off (off-line cleaning).
  7. ATEX rated to ZONE 22 as standard, fitted with a rear explosion panel, spark-proof fan and anti-static filter media.

The Range

The Rhino comes in three main sizes and can be coupled to produce larger units.


Manufactured from 2mm steel with paint finish, with polyester needlefelt filter element.


The integral fan draws dust and fume-laden air into the polyester needlefelt multipocket filter element. This cleans the air of dust then discharges cleaned air out of the top of the unit via the attenuated hood.


When dust-laden air enters the hopper, the air loses speed and the larger particles fall into the bin below by gravity, while the smaller airborne particles are carried up and are trapped by the filter fibres. When the shake-clean action is started, the fan is stopped and the shaker motor at the side moves a rack back and forwards which “shakes” the filter clean. Dislodged dust will drop into the bin.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Acoustic Hood
  • Flange mount without hopper
  • Sack tip version
rhino shaker unit

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