A range of portable dust extractor and portable fume extractor

The ROVER™ portable dust extractor is designed to capture and filter all airborne pollutants. Suitable for maintenance, multi-location extraction, and on-the-spot source capture, they are available with both disposable and self-cleaning filter elements, they can be fitted with our Nellie™ extraction arms as an option.

Fitted with Tiger™ fans which have aluminium anti-spark fan impeller, they have simple tool-free filter change and two swivel casters with brakes for superb manoeuvrability and safe use. All you need is an electrical supply, and compressed air line for the pulse clean units.

Rover™ Hound

  1. Rover Hound comes with a 18m filter; this is an extremely high filter area for a machine of its size, and therefore directly relates to increased filter life.
  2. Rover Hound has an in-built compressed air self-cleaning system. This will ‘blast’ the cake of dust off the outside of the filter media and massively increase the filter life. The Rover is thus designed for high dust loading applications.
  3. The Hound is supplied with a removable mesh filter for spark arrest/trapping of larger particulate to prevent damage or blinding to filter media. Pull-out tray for larger particulate also included.
  4. Rover is fitted with tiger centrifugal extraction fan fitted with forward curved blades on the impeller to ensure maximum efficiency.
  5. Optional push-button pulse-clean arrangement or automatic online cleaning. Manual push button more suitable where a continual compressed air line is inconvenient. Automatic self-cleaning generally recommended for very high dust loading.
  6. Quick-lock clamp arrangement for filter ensuring it is extremely easy to change filter. That said, filter changes are expected on around 1-2 year intervals!
  7. Extremely robust construction built for demanding environments. Heavy-duty casters for ease of manoeuvrability.
Click here for the ATEX Rover™ Resolve

Rover™ Grand

The largest capacity ROVER unit which can be used with TWO x 150mm arms or equivalent. Pulse clean for heavy-duty applications.

  • The Rover Grand is identical in principle to the Rover Hound, however it has twice the amount of filter area and airflow, and consequently fan power.
  • Great for use in situations where two operators are working in close facilities of each other at similar times. Can also be used on ducted extraction systems for welding and metal grinding processes, and is suitable for high volumes of dust.

Rover™ Pup

A small user-friendly unit suitable for a wide range of applications, for fume or low-volume dusts. Uses disposable filter elements.

  • The Pup I is generally used on situations where there is lower quantities of dust or fume. The unit has a disposable filter elements, is compact and good value for money.
  • Can be used for low-use welding and metal grinding processes.

Rover™ Pup II

The Pup 2 is designed for situations where dual arm extraction is
required or for multiple extraction processes. This has a flexible
range of uses and a very high airflow for its size.

  • Compact and high airflow, powerful fan
  • Optional filter types available for use inside
  • Can be mounted with two Nellie arms or alternative connections.
  • Can be used for low-use welding and metal grinding processes.

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