Bulldog™ dust extraction system

Exeon’s Bulldog™ is a dust extraction system suitable for background extraction with high levels of airborne contaminated dust.

These systems are suitable for a number of applications, including:

  • Waste transfer and recycling buildings where high levels of contaminated dust are given off by vehicular
  • Buildings which have dusty processes of which local extraction is hard or impossible to achieve effectively
  • Larger buildings where high levels of airflow are required to control background dust
  • Processes containing relatively low levels of dust for which a conventional self-cleaning dust extractor would result in excess capital expenditure

Features of the Bulldog:

  • Access doors
  • Cyclonic dropout zone
  • Prefilter baffles
  • Main filters and optional after filters
  • Internal extraction fan


The integral fan draws dust and fume-laden air into the polyester needlefelt multipocket filter element. This cleans the air of dust then discharges cleaned air out of the top of the unit via the attenuated hood.