Industrial Extraction Systems

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Dust of any sort, in the workshop or on site, is both a hazard and dangerous to health. Part of the EXEON mission is to supply workplaces with clean air through the design, installation and servicing of fixed and mobile dust collection systems.

We offer both stand-alone dust extractor units and fully designed dust extraction systems. Our expert advice, innovative design and practical solutions ensure you can find an industrial dust extraction system that protects your workforce and local environment, and improves your process quality.

In addition to our bespoke designed dust control systems, we offer several cost effective products that can be deployed immediately;

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Explosive Environments

A serious risk caused by dust in workshop and manufacturing environments is that of explosion. As experts in industrial air filtration, EXEON offers ATEX compliant dust extraction systems that fulfil the highest safety requirements.

These requirements include burst panels, anti-static filters, spark proof fans, anti-blowback valves and anti-static flexibles. Ducting is fully earthed to avoid static charge build-up.

Explosive Environments

Wet extraction systems are a specialised extraction unit, used where dust types require a specific wet treatment, such as explosive or sticky materials, highly volatile metals, or damp / steam-laden exhausts. We can also install wet scrubber systems for gas-phase contaminants.

Exeon® Industrial Dust Extraction Systems