Exeon Stacks

Exeon can provide a design, supply and installation service for Discharge Stacks, as part of our Emission and Odour control systems.

Industrial Steel Stacks

We manufacture exhaust stacks and structures for a wide variety of applications using the highest quality materials. We can design, manufacture and erect chimneys suitable for many applications. All our products are inspected to ensure high standards, and from the initial design to completion of the project, our expert installers will work with you until all your requirements are met.

Our wide range of industrial chimneys include the following:

  • Free standing parallel stack
  • Free standing coned stack
  • Helical and bracketed stacks
  • Guyed and multicore stacks

Discharge stacks are vital as part of an emission/ odour control system, especially when used alongside Activated carbon technology.

Odour modelling will assess the impact of the discharge airflows, but the installation of a correctly designed stack will affect this.


The DEFRA GUIDANCE for Local Authorities includes the following relevant statement:

“A tall dispersion stack, or stacks, provide some in-built safety margin for potential short-term failures or reductions in the performance of abatement plant due to unforeseen circumstances. In effect a tall stack divides odour mitigation effects (from source plant to receptors) into an abatement component and a dispersion component. The enhanced dispersion provided by a stack can allow for some short-term failure or reduction in the performance of an abatement unit without causing a catastrophic increase in perceived off-site odours”

A stack therefore forms a key part of the odour control function, as well as improving flexibility for plant maintenance. The height of the stack itself does not have any real process effect on the adsorber. It simply allows for a greater odour concentration at the stack and hence allows more contaminant to break through the carbon before it is classed as spent.