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Metalworking is a huge and varied industry that is essential to the modern world. It is a key supplier to other parts of the production chain, making it possible to create consumer goods, metal tools and custom-made machinery.

Metalworking includes a range of manufacturing activities that produce industrial machines and tools that are used to supply key components to other industries. It makes whole sectors of global manufacturing possible, with metal and iron alloy being a key ingredient in the creation of an enormous range of goods. Metalworking is crucial in providing machinery and inputs for a variety of sectors including automotive, mining, agriculture and construction.

Metalworking is an intensive industry that creates large amounts of dust and fumes. These have to be safely extracted to ensure the safety of operatives and the integrity of the goods being created or modified. This will usually be achieved through an industrial metal dust collection system.

The importance of dust and fume extraction in the metalworking industry

Specialist fume and dust extraction systems are an essential part of the metalworking industry. They are key to ensuring that workers in the industry are protected from some of the damaging effects of contaminants.

Regular exposure to fumes and dust, either in the short or longer term, can lead to significant health problems for metalworkers. The results of this exposure can range from persistent fatigue and flu-like symptoms, to breathing problems and even life-threatening illnesses.

Many processes within metalworking can create dust and fumes that need to be safely extracted. These include grinding, welding, polishing, deburring, etching, buffing and more, with each process containing its own set of particular hazards.

Dust and fume extraction are the means through which these hazards are safely removed. They can be systems which work across an entire premises, or in a specific part of the premises where certain operations are taking place.

A range of different dust and fume extraction systems

Dust extraction arms provide local extraction of dust in areas where dust creating activities are taking place. In metalworking this may mean installing a dust extraction arm over metalworking benches for spot use as and when required, such as welding and grinding. They provide high levels of focused dust extraction making the area that’s being worked on safe and dust free.

Similarly, fume extraction arms provide focused and flexible extraction where enclosure of a process is not an option. Not only do they increase airflow and reduce internal product contamination they can also reduce noise.

Metalworking dust and fume solutions from Exeon

Whatever aspect of the metalworking industry you’re involved with it’s important that your premises have a reliable and effective dust and fume extraction system in place. At Exeon, we work with metalworking companies to ensure that they have the most effective system in place to suit their precise needs.