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Odour control in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is tightly regulated, especially when processes are taking place close to residential areas. Odour control is a key consideration across the chemical industry and an effective system needs to be in place the ensure that odours don’t become a nuisance or a threat to public health.

Nuisance odours can be generated by a wide range of processes across all industries and there are many compounds which can cause undesirable odours. While all industries can have issues with odours, they can be a particular problem within the chemical industry. 

Many manufacturing processes require chemicals and the chemical industry supplies those chemicals. This includes manufacturers of inorganic and organic industrial chemicals, ceramic products, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, polymers, explosives, fragrances and flavours.

The means through which these odours are reduced or eliminated is an odour control system.

What is an odour control system?

An odour control system is a tried and tested means to effectively reduce or eliminate problem odours that are generated within industry. Chemicals that cause a nuisance odour can be removed through a simple absorption process, using water or absorption combined with a chemical reaction or oxidation.

An odour control system effectively eliminates problem odours and ensures that the company meets all of its statutory requirements.

How are odours removed?

There are a number of ways through which chemical industry odours are removed. Two of the most commonly used are wet scrubbers and activated carbon absorption.

Wet scrubbers are designed to reduce concentrations of chemicals/pollutants on discharge airflows to meet ensure regulatory compliance. They remove contaminants from a gas stream by passing the contaminant airstream through a packed structure with a scrubbing liquor injected to absorb the contaminant. They act like showers where the contaminant airstream is washed by the recirculating liquid in order to absorb the pollutants.

Carbon absorption can be used to effectively reduce odour to undetectable levels where high degrees of odour control are required. It can either be used as a polishing stage downstream of a scrubbing tower or as a stand-alone treatment. Activated carbon can deliver very high removal efficiencies in a wide range of industries.

 Chemical industry odour control systems from Exeon

A chemical odour nuisance is regarded as pollution and it can cause considerable problems, reducing a person’s quality of life and being a threat to public health. If a company fails to address odour issues, then it can lead to complaints, reputational damage and ultimately prosecution.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have an effective odour control system in place.

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