Free Outline Design

We offer a free outline design as part of our sales proposal for all local exhaust ventilation systems.

The initial design discussions, which for smaller projects may be by phone, are very consultative so that we may assess & quantify your problem and arrive at a full understanding of requirements.

Larger projects will require an initial discussion on site to allow visual inspection of the existing installations and the potential problems that may be encountered.

We will then outline the most appropriate solution that best suits the process or requirement and discuss the alternatives, their ramifications, and the rough budget.

If this outline proposal is acceptable, we will prepare more detailed costings, a project programme highlighting key restrictions and, if appropriate, drawings and visualisations.

These outline proposals will, by default, provide solutions that minimise energy use through heat recovery, air recycling and low energy fans, as well as low noise.

They will also be designed to suit any site constraints or be designed with flexible plant location in mind.

All our systems are designed for minimal maintenance.

Detailed Design

If the programme and cost are acceptable, then on receipt of an initial deposit, we will visit site and prepare a detailed survey to allow design development.

We will prepare a detailed quote complete with full CAD design and prototyping. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality documentation, drawings, visualisations and quotations.

Once the working drawings are approved, these are issued to our fabricators & installers for installation.

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System Design

We can quickly provide CAD and Solidworks drawings of equipment, or work from Client drawings.

We have Revit capability for integration with multi-service models.