lo-flo™ Odour and Pollution control units

Exeon’s Range of lo-flo™ Odour and Pollution control units are small, mobile systems, which can be mobile or permanent to suit the need.

The lo-flo range use a deep bed of activated carbon, of a type suitably selected for the application, to provide control of non-compliant low flow, high concentration, discharges, with correct prefiltration as required to maximise carbon life.

These systems are suitable for low airflows for a wide range of high concentration applications, including:

  • Blood tank / offal tanks at abbatoirs
  • High concentration Chemical emissions
  • Sewage & Waste venting tanks
  • VOCs

Typically these can be used on existing or proposed process discharges requiring Odour & emission control.

Airflow levels: 1 – 1,000m3/hr

The Activated carbon is carefully selected to ensure optimum life and Odour / emission control.

Exeon can also design, supply and install prefiltration units to maximise the life of the carbon.

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Advantages of using the lo-flo™

  1. Simple ‘plug & play’ operation
  2. Correct prefiltration will be discussed and applied to ensure maximum life of carbon
  3. Low cost install
  4. Can provide a mobile filtration solution for varying applications across site