Portable Fume Extractor

portable fume extractor

The Rover® family of portable fume extractor units are designed for capturing and filtering airborne pollutants. Often fitted with Nellie extraction arms,they are robustly built for the tough environments found in metalworking, aggregates, food and woodworking.

Portable Fume Extractor Designed To Your Needs

To meet a specific need, EXEON can design and manufacture a specialist portable fume extractor in the UK. We have examples ranging from activated charcoal filtered portable extractors for odour control and volatile organic compound (VOC) abatement, to larger skid-mounted mobile fume extraction units which can be moved by crane or fork-lift.


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Why are portable fume extractors important?


In many industrial and processing contexts, installed fume extraction systems may not be the best option. The site may lack the space required or may require a more agile solution than a fixed extraction system can offer. In those cases, a portable fume extractor or mobile fume extraction unit might be appropriate.


What is a mobile fume extraction unit?


Portable fume extractors offer flexible source capture for a variety of industrial processes and applications. Because they’re portable they can be taken to wherever someone is working on a process that generates hazardous fumes and particulates. This makes them an ideal solution where an atmospheric fume extraction unit installed at a distance is unlikely to have the immediate impact required when it comes to the removal of potentially dangerous fumes and particulate matter.


How do they work?


Mobile fume extractors work by using a fume arm which attaches to the main unit to draw fumes from processes such as woodworking and welding, as well as smoke and other contaminants from the source.

They create a healthier working environment, particularly for anyone undertaking close detail work using materials that are potentially hazardous to human health. Damaging particulates are filtered out of the environment helping to reduce the risk of serious health issues arising as a result of exposure.


Where might a portable fume extractor be used?

Portable fume extraction is used across a wide variety of different industries and production processes. They are an essential component of any welding operation, and are frequently used in woodwork, sanding and grinding activities. They may also be used in environments where painting, plastic bonding, 3D printing, or working with epoxies is taking place.  Any working environment where fumes and particulate matter is generated can benefit from a portable fume extractor. Exposure to fumes and particulate matter can be deadly. This might include occupational asthma, pneumonia, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and ‘metal fume fever’. All of these are linked and have been connected to facilities where cutting and welding work takes place.

A portable fume extractor offers the most efficient means by which to remove dangerous fumes and particulate matter from the workplace.



Portable fume extraction from Exeon

At Exeon, we stock the Rover range of portable fume extraction .These are available in two different sizes and are suitable for maintenance, multi-location extraction, and on-the-spot source capture. They’re available with both self-cleaning and disposable filter elements, and can be fitted with optional Nellie extraction arms. Exeon can also design and manufacture a specialist portable fume extractor for UK customers. These might include activated charcoal filtered portable extractors, to larger skid-mounted mobile fume extraction units which are moved by fork-lift or crane.

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