Industrial Dust Extraction Units

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Dust of any sort, in the workshop or on site, is both a hazard and dangerous to health. Part of the EXEON mission is to supply workplaces with clean air through the design, installation and servicing of mobile and fully installed dust extraction units.

Dust can easily become a problem in industrial sites, factories, warehouses and other commercial settings. Any environment where industrial processes take place can soon generate large amounts of dust, and if the issue isn’t addressed it can easily become a problem. Dust is a threat not only to the smooth operation of factory and industrial processes; it can also present an ongoing threat to health.

 The problems associated with dust can be removed through the use of a dust extraction system.

What is a dust extraction system?

Dust extraction systems or dust extraction units are used in factories, industrial and other manufacturing settings to remove dust particles at source. They reduce and remove all kinds of particles from the working environment during the manufacturing and production process. They purify and filter hazardous dusts and any fine particulate contaminants and improve air quality within the work environment.  In short, a dust extraction system removes dust particles and other particulates that can threaten health and efficient work processes.

Industrial Extract Systems

Exeon offers fully designed and installed industrial dust extractors. Our expert advice and innovative design ensure we deliver practical solutions that protect your workforce and local environment and improve your process quality. Learn more from case studies below.

Mobile Dust Extraction Units

Exeon provide a wide range of Mobile Dust Extractors for applications demanding a portable extraction solution. These range from HEPA filtered portable extractors for applications with fine or dangerous particulate, to larger skid-mounted mobile extractors which can easily be moved by crane or fork-lift.

We offer several cost-effective mobile extraction units such as:

Explosive Environments

A serious risk caused by dust in workshop and manufacturing environments is that of explosion. As experts in industrial air filtration, EXEON offers ATEX compliant extraction designs that fulfil the highest safety requirements.

These requirements include burst panels, anti-static filters, spark proof fans, anti-blowback valves and anti-static flexibles. Ducting is fully earthed to avoid static charge build-up.


Wet extraction is used where dust types require a specific wet treatment, such as explosive or sticky materials, highly volatile metals, or damp / steam-laden exhausts. We can also install wet scrubbers for gas-phase contaminants.

What types of industries use a dust extraction system?

Dust extraction systems are often an integral part of all kinds of manufacturing settings and other industrial settings. What unites all of these environments is that the processes they use generate dust and other fine particulate matter that can be potentially harmful to both people and machinery. These industries include metal machining, woodworking, general manufacturing, recycling, automotive and engineering, all of whom might incorporate industrial dust extraction units into their work environment.


What are the different types of dust extraction systems?

There are a range of different types of dust extractions systems that have been developed to suit different needs. Mobile Dust Extraction units allow users to users to have a local extraction source which is flexible and can be moved to suit the operation. They also offer a low-cost option, as have minimal installation requirements. Cyclone dust extractors are high-performance separators that effectively remove larger particulate matter from extracted airflows. They are typically used to remove heavier materials from airflows such as wood, shelling and metal. They can also be used as a cost-effective pre-filter for conventional filters.

For high-performance dust extraction in environments that have an ATEX rating, ATEX dust extraction systems  are vital. A Zone 22 ATEX rating is recognizing the accidental presence of explosive dust. ATEX extraction systems ensure that an industrial setting is compliant with the relevant health and safety regulations and are used across a range of different sectors. It might include woodworking dust extraction, flour dust extraction systems, aluminum and titanium dust extraction systems.

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